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Projects, Projects, Projects!

In Decorating with vintage and antiques, Furniture, Reinventing/Recycling on June 5, 2014 at 3:16 pm

As soon as the weather turns remotely warm here in Michigan I head for the outdoors.  I get so cooped up over our LONG winters. While hibernating, I dream of outdoor living with big fluffy pillows on wicker chairs and blooming flowers spilling out of their beds.

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This long overdue project sat in my garage all winter.  We sanded this old chair down (my son only lasted about ten minutes and left) and then I stained it white.  Love the white wash look.  I spray painted a normal plastic clay color pot and transformed a once boring color into vibrant purple.

I have worked on a good number of these type of outdoor projects already this season and can’t wait to share them with you.  I apologize for publishing and editing a ton of times.  I’ve never done it over my phone before!  Too many buttons to figure out!  I guess we better get our desktop computer fixed soon!

Happy warm months and good times ahead!


p.s.  As you hopefully know us by now – we would NEVER take a good piece of furniture and paint it or destroy it just for the sake of it.  This chair was found in a basement and had been sitting in water for many years.  We didn’t rip out fabulous caining or harm any heirlooms.  Unfortunately, the original owner disowned it long ago.  If you have any questions on what products I used feel free to write!

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