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Never Least, Country Living Fair Part III, The Historic Location

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     Thank you all for waiting for blog entry three from the Country Living Fair, Columbus, Ohio.   Since our journey into the Country Living Magazine pages back in September, I have been euphoric and blessed.   I continue to find inspiration in stuff (from my previous blog entries you will know my relationship with “stuff”) and am mesmerized by all the stories I heard along the way.  My head swims when I locate a business card that I shoved in some pocket, or in the suit case that I just unpacked.  Yikes, I know, how many weeks has it been sitting on my bedroom floor filled? ( I did get the dirties out immediately, so in my mind I was done).  I could keep going on and on about how fantastic it was, can you tell that I loved the fair?  Hooray Country Living Magazine!  However, I want to tell my last story with much love about The Ohio Historical Society.  This Society truly knows what it is doing, preserving our rich American history.  If I had more money then Bill Gates I would give it to The Ohio Historical Society, and PBS.   Instead, I am a wee poor child surrounded by her antiques and cats. I actually have a grander life than that, I just thought it would paint the picture better than “extremely blessed with three children, loving parents and the most amazing husband in the world.”  I shall do what I do best, speak and honor their efforts and tell my story with rich words and much conviction.

The Fair is blissfully located at the Historical Societies Ohio Village in Columbus, Ohio.  Couldn’t be a better place to hold a fair in this re-created 19th Century Ohioan town.  There is a working garden, Town Hall, Schoolhouse, General Store (in which CL sold their fair merchandise), bank, American House Hotel, and much more.

As you can see in the photographs above,  it’s volunteer based and packed with WOW factor.  They had herbs for sale at the fair and they sure did smell amazing!  I couldn’t help but take this picture of how they hung them on the fence.  How could you not buy any?

On that volunteer note – I couldn’t have been more impressed with the amount of support the Ohio Historical has.  It seems that many societies, foundations, clubs etc. spend a large amount of time hoping for more help, more interest in what they are working for.  Here in Ohio, the amount of dedication is evident.  My heart fills with joy and pride that our country has a state like Ohio serving and protecting our history and it’s historical sites.  Take Rose Frazier, a volunteer for the society.  She and several other amazing women spend their time showing interested onlookers how lace was and still is made today.  As my family watched on (and maybe a tad bored with me), I learned how to make lace with my own hands.  I laughed, I concentrated hard, and then had the rush of realization that I too could make lace.  Thank you Mrs. Frazier, what a wonderful teacher you are.  See how volunteers can inspire?

Not only did Mrs. Rose Frazier pass on her expertise, but she willingly sent me off with information to get me started.  For me to blog about too!  The Great Lakes Lace Group has a Facebook page to be sure to look into. The other group that came highly recommended was the International Old Lacers, I.O.L.I.  All this great information AND a bit of history thrown in there too.    I send you off with some photographs that I took of the Ohio Villages stunning structures.  Job well done Country Living Magazine with choosing Ohio as one of your Fair Locations.  The Ohio Village is brilliant and much deserves the attention.  I highly recommend a trip to any of Ohio’s historical sites and landmarks.  Travel to this grand state and enjoy America at its finest.

Although my entries are considered finished for the Country Living Fair, I am sure that I will throw tidbits here and there out there in future posts.  I truly did meet amazing people that have helped guide me in my antique journey.  People and events shape who you are.  Moments can lead to inspiration and personal motivations, or let us say goals to be obtained.  My goal (Mike thinks I’m crazy mad!) is to be at the Country Living Fair, Ohio, 2013 – IN MY OWN ANTIQUE BOOTH!  Holy crap, I said it out loud.  Do you know how expensive that is Laurie Ann, do you know how much work that is!  There, I said it, I lectured myself, that part is done.  Dream and goal sent to the heavens.  Godspeed

My Country Living Fair Part II, The Lovely People

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So, here’s the best part.  I get to talk about all the beautiful people who I met during the Country Living Fair, Columbus, Ohio, 2012.  I love my career, I know I’ve said that before.  But I do, I love my career.  I will share with you some amazing people out there that I have had the joy of meeting.  I am warning you that this will be a continuous blog entry (or it will be horribly long) You see that’s just it.   My husband and I get to meet amazing people everyday in this business.  It is a life business.  The kind where your life is enriched moment to moment.  I am touched by stories of success and struggle and long tales of where this and that came from.  History moves me.  The people attached to their history inspire me.  I love my job.   As I said in Part 1, I went to this fair expecting to see fun shopping and blow me away magazine venues.  I did.  What I didn’t expect were the people behind the scenes.  They were friends.  The real life friends that you take home with you in your heart and with inspiration to be who you strive to be.   I was in my happy place being able to be me.  Ohio does have something to do with it.  It’s one of those states that harbor the kind and generous type.  I also believe that people who choose to work in this type of business are “people” people.  At least, I do hope so.   See, here’s that always glass half full mentality in me.  Just as I say that my heart lifts and I feel childlike and then that sinking feeling happens and the reality side of me says “well except for those people who buy stuff cheap and turn it with greed”.  We’ve all met those.  You can see the deadness in their eyes.  It’s like this need to steal and make money from their swipe.  “Swiper No Swiping“.   They take from the old and tell them its not worth anything, lies, lies, lies.  Karma will get them in the end.  Mike and I have always said, if we are meant to have it, it will come.  Please everyone who buys and sells antiques, stick to the golden rule.  Always be honest and fair.  I will add rule number two, always listen to what you see and what you hear.  You might not get the story attached, but look at what you have and see if you can uncover it’s story. Then you shall know its value and its history.  It’s called respect.  There was a gentleman at the fair that had a huge wooden kitchen table for sale.  On two of the four corners (opposite of each other) were these huge indentations, as if it was used as a butcher block.  I couldn’t help but rub my hands all through those long slice marks, soft with age.  I smiled. I could feel a story.  The gentleman picked that up from me, I passed that feeling onto him across the booth.   The smile was infectious you see.  He then wanted to share the story to my honor.  He told of his mother using that farm table corner to hack the heads of the chickens that the kids would corale from the backyard.  I asked why opposite corners then?  He shrugged and simply stated, “We must have moved the table.” The unshaved face smiled.   I love this job.   My only problem lies in wanting to keep everything because “honey, it’s so cool!”  Giggle, this is where I just try to share my stories here and try to relinquish my worldly goods to you all.   You see, my husband and I love to find the antiques in order to preserve the past and share the love.  I believe that energy must pass through all inanimate objects.  After all, we all are made up of the same thing.  We are all just energy, and that I do have!

Jennifer Paganelli creator of Sis Boom Fabrics.  The simply beautiful Jennifer Paganelli.  I have to begin with her, stumbling upon this bright star was like seeing my dear friend Anita Roddick again.  Yes, I am comparing her to the lovely Anita Roddick.  I had the honor and joy of being in the presence of Anita, the founder of The Body Shop many times.  I am who I am today because of that beautiful Dame.  Jennifer, she is a shining star just like Anita.  I went into the Earth Angels Artists Showcase Tent to view a demonstration on making art from old books & vintage findings.  Instead, I met this lovely lady with the greatest smile.  I looked confused and she reached out to me, touched my arm and asked what she could do for me.  The energy that she passed to me was just like the star that she is.  If you have never seen her fabrics then take a look on her website.  You can see her lovely energy through her work.  Simply beautiful fabrics and inspiring creativity this woman puts into her designs.  We talked, we shared, we touched each others hearts.  Just like that, there in a tent at the Country Living Fair.  I love my job, I love people.  Jennifer looked into my eyes and said, “I know it hasn’t been easy, I can see in your heart that the journey has been tough.  Laurie, you will go far because you have a pure heart.”  I am crying right now!  I want to know how she knows, but I laugh as I even say that out loud because I KNOW these things when I meet people.  It was such a moment though to meet someone like me face to face.  That “I know you” feeling.  Not knowing a darn thing about the person, but you know everything based on that initial touch, the smiles, the eye contact.  Well Jennifer, it takes one to know one.  You my love will continue to go far because YOU are of pure heart.  Someday, I will have my own store and I will sell your gorgeous fabrics.

Pinned Image

I had to add this last picture that Jennifer posted on her Pinterest page.  This is her family.  Her mother has that amazingly infectious smile.  Pictures tell a thousand words.  This one tells me that the world is a beautiful place.  Notice that suitcase in two pictures? It really is as cute as it looks.  Decoupage Sis Boom Fabrics! Adorable!

Stay tuned for Country Living Fair Part III.  So many lovely people to write about!!  So many more photos!  Thank you Country Living Magazine!  If you aren’t already a subscriber, then grab that order form, get online, pick up the phone – do what it takes.  It’s love in a glossy magazine that comes to your door every month.  In the meantime, head over to their website

p.s.  Here is Forever Bound Art on Pinterest!  Stop on by for some fun images!

p.p.s  Please take seven minutes and view the video link of Anita Roddick.  She truly was a gift to this earth and I will perminately head the crusade to honor her business practices and honor her memory.  Long live Dame Anita Roddick.

Living My ‘Country Living’ Magazine, Part 1

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Sometimes a writer will say, “I should write about this”, head bobbing up and down and the ideas flow in that witty brain of theirs.  More often than not, I feel obliged to admit, the story never gets past that moment of inspiration.  Writers want to tell the world everything in the same amount of time that moments gets sucked up by families, day jobs and housework.  Good intentions we throw to the wolves as they eat our creative words.  This time, I really want to tell you the story of inspiration.  As many of you are aware, there is a fabulous magazine out there called Country Living.  Still going strong, if not stronger since its first publication in 1978 with Hearst Corporation.  Not only do they produce a publication chuck full of fun ideas and heart warming country stories, they host three fairs across the United States on a yearly basis.   My mother for the last few years has been nudging me to go with her to the Columbus, Ohio Country Living Fair held in September.  Finally, on its fifth year of fun, I jumped on the opportunity.  All the stars were aligned and our mini van drove down from Michigan to the south central part of Ohio as the leaves began to turn and my father grumbled about shopping. In fact, his line was “Tell me again, WHY, I am going to this thing?”  I assured him that it would knock his socks off.  He didn’t buy it and shook his head.  Well my friends, the Country Living Fair 2012 DID knock all of our socks off and here is my story that will not get lost in the file cabinets in my head.  My version from my eyes and my experience, just as promised.

Years ago I would have merely flipped through a ‘country’ type magazine.  I think I was afraid of cows and plastic ducks dressed in pinafores.  I’m also not a huge primitive fan.  I feel l do need to clarify that last part because I can feel some of my readers (including my mother saying, “Now wait a minute”).  Primitive meaning gingham cotton cut by pinking shears and tied in a bow around a rusty heart.  Sigh, even as I say this I am not completely being honest with myself.  My tastes have been changing you see.  Even as I go back and read what I just wrote I hear myself fighting to admit my tastes are turning ‘country’.  “I’m a lil’ bit country.  I’m a lil’ bit rock and roll.”   Yikes, I’m even singing crappy music!  I hit my forehead like Ricky Ricardo and say “EyeYiYiYiYi”  I don’t even know how to spell that, I’m so confused.  Deep breath Laurie Ann, deep breath.  Okay, I admit I like country decorating.  There I said it.  BUT, I like it MY WAY.  Here’s where Country Living Magazine comes into the picture.  Last year I casually flipped through one of their magazines waiting for my mother (we probably were going to go garage saleing or to a thrift store) and was blown away.  It was MY WAY on every page!  No ducks, no dark pages with loads of curtains covering bountiful light.  No crowding.  Light and airy pages filled with cool antiques and restoration stories that made you cheer for the owners, not envy them.  I declared, “I love this magazine!”   My mother says, “You can have it, I hate it.”  Double take, wha wha wha?  Here I thought mom and I would have this Thing. This magazine Thing that we loved together.  What can she mean she hated it?  We were going to have a “Thing”.  Nope, she hated it because it wasn’t primitive and dark.  I tried to explain that even Colonial Williamsburg has changed with the times.  But, she still was dying to go to that fair.

Our business took off on a daily basis and the love for antiques grew stronger everyday.  My desire to preserve history and tell it’s story turned into this blog.  I have always been surrounded by all of these traits, writing, history, respect of ancestry.  It’s as if my psyche gathered up all that I have learned from family, daily observations and years of studying and turned Forever Bound Art into the birthed child that I adore today.  The closer the Country Living Fair Columbus, Ohio came the more that I needed to go.  I had to see this magazine come to life.   Now, I am aware that a company does put on a large portion of this fair, but I knew deep down that the heart of the magazine would be there steering.  I just knew I had to see the love that is put into their magazines put into an event.  There was a need to be able to walk the pages.  I have to believe that another reason laid solely on needing to see that my business was real.  All that I have been working for was understood by others AND enjoyed by others.  I wanted that writers inspiration. Maybe even some validation?   I will jump forward for a moment and just say, I was granted far more than my needs could imagine.  Hence, me writing this blog entry and taking about 75 pictures.  (I want to publish them in a book sometime! Laurie’s Vintage eye on the world. omg, I think I just named a really cool book)   What I witnessed at this fair was more than crafts and antiques (and oh that glorious food!) but friendship, kinship, encouragement, support, understanding, passion, patience, drive, inspiration, creativity, talent and down right real emotion.  If I have ever needed validation in my life, it was in over abundance.  I have never met such beautiful people in one place in my entire life.  Therefore, never feeling so fulfilled and ready to run with any thought where my mind would take me.  I was happy to be me at the Country Living Fair.  I was proud of my career choice.  Seeing was believing, and I do believe that there are many people out there that want to preserve our history and trades from the past.  We CAN sew, we CAN cook, we CAN collect, we CAN sing, we CAN dance, we CAN honor, we CAN preserve, we CAN DREAM and be supported by like minded friends.  No foes here, not for what seemed to be millions of miles away.  It was better than Christmas.

Part two will follow telling the tale of all the lovely inspirational people that gathered at the Country Living Magazine Fair 2012.  As for this moment, I will leave you with this……

p.s. I did look for a Ricky Ricardo sound bite and didn’t find one, and as I calmed down I realized it does have a spelling “AY YI YI YI YI” 🙂

The Glorious side of digging…

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Ahh, yes. The Glorious side of digging.  We all want THE FIND of the century.  We hear ALL about the deals that other people get.  They’re like hunting or fishing stories (I AM from Michigan), the tales get grander as the years go by.  There’s the 16th Century piece of furniture “find” in a dumpster, or Great-Great Grandpa’s civil war bayonet found in Aunt Cecil’s attic; and everyone makes a bundle at auction.   Everyone makes a bundle, except us.  I’m actually laughing at this moment because isn’t that how everyone feels?   Goes to show that what we hear, is in actuality news itself because it doesn’t happen every day.  News worthy junk.  Then there’s the dirty junk.  The real deal.  The digging in layers of filth from century old mouse feces and antique cobwebs.  Let’s agree to forget about the mysterious stains and what was once a ‘wet substance’ that is favorably found on all those glorious finds.  Yes, the glorious part of digging for the gold.   For some reason though we get a little high off of the search.   The real hardcore diggers don’t truly mind a little filth.  It makes us feel as if there might be something even better than something in a clean and organized store.   As we almost toss our cookies sifting through inanimate grossness we tell ourselves, almost in a chant, “I am gonna FIND something here, gonna find something. LaLaLaLa, don’t pay attention to that smell, or that stain over there. LaLaLa, It’s not that bad.  It will be worth it when I find it.”   Sometimes we find things, sometimes we don’t, but one thing’s for certain.  We’ll do it again, and again, and again.  One other thing is for certain too, there will always be people collecting this special junk and cramming it somewhere as if they are chipmunks hoarding for a long winter.    Ohhhh, WE LOVE THAT!

On one of our adventures through North East Ohio we made our way to Kinsman.  In this little town, established over 200 years ago, an old building stands in the center of commerce holding decades and decades of stuff.  Phew, (she breaths) STUFF that is, lots and lots of STUFF.  I can’t even say stuff, I have to yell it, STUFF.  That’s how much there is.  Three levels of stuff.  Market Square of Kinsman, Ohio.  What a place.  Here is a review I just came across on yelp.  The reviewer  writes :        “Woohoo! As good as it gets!


you like old dusty musty buildings full of worthless knick knacks and stinky old books, then this place is for you, multiple levels of it.”

Yep, that sums it up.  Some of you saw some pictures posted on our Facebook page.  Well, “here’s the rest of the story” (side tribute to Mr. Andy Rooney because that was the best part of 60 Minutes and I AM reporting a news worthy junk story).

It’s hard to tell by the front of this building what you are going to find inside.  Wallpaper? Computers in disrepair all over a counter or two? Where do I take my music lesson? Maybe I can buy an antique clarinet there and then learn how to play it?  I see by other signs that there is a Book Den inside and some type of market.  I guess I can get a soda from the Soda Jerk while I contemplate all that is going on.  This first picture is what you see as you enter this entrapment.  Books everywhere, some food in coolers and miles and miles of stuff.  Let’s not forget the extremely friendly gentleman that owns and runs this establishment and various town folk chatting away about todays gossip.  It’s great.   You round the corner after the first room and the gentleman calls after you, “Have you been here before?”  We tell him that we had and that we just had to come back in order to take it all in.  I believe the first time around when he asked us, his instructions were basically to be careful and try not to get lost.  Just kidding, I seem to recall he did say be careful, but have fun exploring three levels of stuff.   He might of have even called it STUFF.    You see, The Market Square is a hodge podge of various businesses long gone and antiques found from sales sprinkled throughout.  It’s a hunt, the true dig.  Man vs. junk : Can you find the real deal?  One room dedicated to an old Hallmark store, one section dedicated to an old hardware store including wallpaper, nails, sewing patterns and thread, and lamp shades.  Don’t forget all the signs you’ve seen already stating “BOOKS” including arrows making sure you don’t miss them.  Not possible, they are everywhere.  All 100,000 of them.  Just look at that stairway that takes you up to those books on the third level.

The basement is a whole other story.  Light fixtures may or may not be working, plenty of low ceilings with cobwebs hanging from beam to beam (or from antique to antique).  You can hear street noise through various cracks and thin window panes.  I found this a tad comforting allowing me to use that as part of my chant.  “You are not alone, there are people outside.  They will hear your screams if you are buried alive in stuff.”  These next pictures are of the amazing lower level of The Market Square in Kinsman, Ohio.  Even though this was our second experience here it never ceases to amaze us.  The basement does hold books, but here is where there are dishes and loads of records.  I loved this antique medicine cabinet just sitting on the floor next to other nonsense stuff.

It was one of those experiences where it’s funny and scary at the same time.  Especially, when Mike kept hitting his head on miscellaneous items hanging from the ceiling.  If you ever want to travel Route 7 down through Ohio then we recommend making a stop at The Market Square in Kinsman.  You’ll even want to write home about it.  For more information check out their blog on WordPress.  (and yes, that was advertised on one of their store front signs)    Leave a comment on our blog if you’ve ever been here or someplace like this!

So, what about that very first picture under the title of this blog entry?  I have one more place to tell you about.  Here my friends lie the story of the real glorious side of digging.  Bat, mice, rat feces, and bird droppings all in one place.  Oh, and antiques under the poop.  Real antiques in this place.  The kind of antiques that make you want to be in a place hosting the waste from rodents.   The name of this location was hard to find, in fact after we were leaving I asked if they had a business card or something sharing their information.  He thought about it for a minute and came back from his house with a flyer. Ron & Trish’s Place in North Branch, Michigan.   I was able to ‘Check in’ with Facebook, so that must mean we weren’t seeing things.   We were heading over to a friend’s cottage and saw some furniture on the side of the road and then a huge barn behind it that said “Antiques”.  (Our favorite sign to see, and then the word OPEN after it) The first barn was like stepping back into time.  You weren’t sure if you were going to fall through the floor, or whether furniture was going to topple on you.   It was fantastic.  I even found fabulous light fixtures.  My new “little obsession”, btw.  We came out the other side of the barn and into a make shift farm type courtyard.  Not sure what else to call a place that is fenced in, with multiple buildings and a house all fenced in including a sign, “puppies for sale”.  Those puppies were pretty big and wanted to smell in places I wasn’t comfortable with.  Very antique farmy kind of place of business, and with no name appearing anywhere.  Giggle, it was great.

When he saw that we were serious about digging he said to us, “Your welcome to go into our barn back there”  We couldn’t believe our ears, there’s MORE?  So, we nod a bit with disbelief in our eyes for our worthiness for yet one more barn.  He unlocks the gate from his farm courtyard and lets us go on by ourselves down to the other barn of goodies.  We pass by loads of stuff laying all over the place.  I take note of a pile of old brick that I’d love to get my hands on.  I’m the type of person that when I see something I calculate in my head if 1.  can I get it in the van? and 2. how much will my husband think I’m crazy?  I decided to only take a picture instead of inquire about all the old bricks.

We open the barn door that seems to be twenty feet tall and there before our eyes lies a camper.  Lot’s of other stuff, but all we see is that camper.  We made our way around furniture, antique sleighs, peddle push cars, and other various things that you weren’t sure what they were at one time.  I of course, can only think about that camper.

We get back there to the camper after making our way through a maze of that same grossness that I talked about earlier.  Under the light that seeped through the cracks in that old barn roof, we realized what we had been standing on.   Loads and loads of feces, the mother of mother loads of *x*8%@)+* BLEEP!  EWWWW!!!  But wait, there was the camper!  WhaWhaWha…….. It had bird padookie splattered on it from the birds rafter home.  Still positive, I say, “come on honey, you can’t get a great deal on a camper unless it’s rough!”   My beloved looks at me blankly, as he always does when he doesn’t quite know what to say to me.   When we both realize that the rivets are coming apart literally at the seems due to a rotting frame, I then did give up in hoisting this barn queen from its misery.   Ahhh, yet another crazy idea left behind with the bricks.  “Thank God”, my husband says.

Here lies the moral of the story.   The more the poop and cobwebs, the more we like it.   Err, something like that.  With all this fun, one asks, “well, what did you buy huh, what DID you find?”   Well, not much in all honestly.  Lot’s of fun memories and one long blog entry.   I did pick up a vintage separated Pyrex dish, round antique tin sewing box,  and a Wonder Woman glass.  The latter was not old, just awesome.  I stand tall with my hands on my hips.  The best super hero stance I can give you and state with confidence, ” I will touch and do anything for my junk!”   We just wash real good after and use lots of sanitary squeeze bottle stuff.

Our Sunday Funday, Holy Pickin’!

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Little did we expect all the Antique fun we had this past Sunday!   Who knew there would be sales on Holy Day?  Our intention was to go view a few radios at a friend’s house after church.  Our unexpected journey began with a sign on a country road reading “Barn Sale”.  I think Mike almost went off the road.  We had that moment of questioning “Is it an old sign, Is it for real, Can it be?”   Sure enough we rolled up that road and that gorgeous red barn had its doors wide open welcoming us.   Not to mention it had that golden sign screaming “Furniture”!  Woohoo!  I think Mike would have passed out if the sign read “Old Radios”.   Though we didn’t end up with furniture or radios, I did get two galvanized buckets and some old milk bottles with carrier.  The fun began picking in church clothes.  I basically said, “Ah hell, the clothes will wash, rock it.”

As you have already read, this past weekend was the beginning of Mike’s retirement.  For retirement fun, and simply because I can, my beautician talked me into putting hot pink highlights into my already blonde highlighted hair. Mike loved it.   All weekend we kept saying to each other these two lines: “I’m retired (or Your retired)” and “I have pink hair (or YOU have PINK HAIR!)”  Of course the laughter went on from there, the sappy hand holding and lots of big smiles (and smooches).  So, needless to say, wearing church clothes and touring the country side stopping at yard sales in 90 degree weather added to the hilarity and much fun.

We headed onward towards our radio destination and lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, not expecting to be stopped once again by a golden yard sale sign.  “Oh by gosh, by golly, It’s time for mistletoe and holly”, I could have sworn it was Christmas in July.  Bought a vintage green umbrella (absolutely adorable, I have it hanging off a ladder back chair right now in our loft) and Mike got Beethoven’s  Symphonies Nos.1 and 9, 33 1/3 Long Play.  Even better yet,  the owner of the sale took notice to my Celtic Flower bracelet that I made.  She asked for a business card and BAM!  Here I was buying AND selling! Unbelievable! (you can view more of our work on Facebook, Forever Bound Art)

No countrysides covered in snow, but sure enough there was yet another sale.  Mike and I were euphoric with my pink hair and retired shopping attitudes.  This sign said “ANTIQUES”.  Be still my heart.  With our tummies rumbling and friends wondering where we were, we turned the corner and continued on in those church clothes and Alfani shoes.  This sale was the BEST ever.  Not because we purchased anything, but because we met wonderful people.  The absolute best part of this job.  American Pickers would agree to that statement.  I stepped out of the vehicle and had a very girl moment.  I yelled out to the three ladies near the barn “Have you seen any snakes?”  I might have squealled.  I try very hard to be all rough when I am in guy territory, but this here was a different story in my cute shoes out in the heat. All was well, they giggled and welcomed me with open arms.  Our antique sale was truly an antique sale.

This here is a picture of Jamie Herron Mitchell, one of the daughters selling with her mother. Simply adorable and fun-loving individual.

Jamie bequeathed us with this sign, stating that we needed it.  In case you are wondering, there is no cure for the Antique Pox.

When tummies were fed and radios were seen, we did make one last stop.   Making time to visit a fellow friend in the antique business who runs a booth in an antique mall.  He was not interested in a photo but agreed to take a picture of the sweaty church goers.  Here we are with a porcelain covered ashtray.  I wanted this trinket with a W on it to hang in our bedroom.  Pre-birthday gift I called it.  Yes, I bought from a picker at an antique mall.  I did get a friends and family discount 🙂  p.s. If anyone can identify this logo I’d greatly appreciate it.

It’s Christmas everyday with my husband and this career.  Man, I love antiques.  Happy Antique shoppping to you my friends, happy shopping!

Swap Meet Heaven for Collectors!

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Have you ever gone to a Swap Meet to find another piece to add to that collection of yours?  There is Swap meets for everything and anything you want!  This weekend in Lansing, Michigan is our EXTRAVAGANZA ’12, Michigan Antique Radio Club’s annual swap meet.  This years theme is Bakelite and Beyond.  (what a fabulous name!)  Don’t miss it!  Beginning Thursday, July 12th, and continuing thru Friday, July 13th and Saturday, July 14th.

“Last year over 1000 attendees from nearly 30 states and a number of foreign countries, as close as Canada and as far as Australia, enjoyed the festivities. Our theme this year will be Bakelite and Beyond.”

This year the Telephone Collectors International will be holding their meeting at the Antique Radio Convention.  (you can find them on Facebook)  Click on the link below to read up on this wonderful world of collecting!  Here is a clip from their ABOUT page :

Telephone Collectors International was incorporated under the laws of the state of Kansas on May 13, 1986. The goal of the organization is “to educate the public, as well as the members of the Corporation, regarding the history of telephony, the value of old telephones and related items, their collectability and preservation; to research telephone history and publish and provide literature thereon; to promote the public exhibition of old telephones and related items; and to promote common courtesies and guidelines for use by the public.”





If you’d like to become a member of your local area Radio club, visit this website

Links of interest for phone collectors

As previously posted by Forever Bound Art, the AMA vintage motorcycle swap meet is a NEVER miss for bike lovers.  It has already passed for this year, but plan a trip sometime.  It’s a trip to motorcycle heaven.


Whatever you collect, there are more of you out there.   Don’t be afraid to proclaim your love for plastic, glass, radios, toys, whatever it may be.  There is a club for EVERYTHING!  Seriously…..

That’s why God gave us the ability to make stuff  🙂

In Lieu of Celebration of Our Almighty Country, Happy Fourth of July America!

In Traveling & Antiques on July 3, 2012 at 1:32 pm

Celebrate America!  Our holiday on the fourth of July has deep meaning for many.  Whatever it means to you and your family, I wanted to share these photos of an amazing event that happens yearly.   Please visit   I highly encourage anyone and EVERYONE to attend this event if possible.  This D-DAY reenactment happens in Conneaut Ohio and “Remarkably, the 250 yard long beach and sloping adjacent terrain closely resemble Omaha Beach in Normandy, France.”   With America constituting citizenship from all over the world, this war impacted many.   Please remember those who have served in our wars everyday, not just on reserved holidays.   God Bless the United States and our neighboring countries.  

Father’s Day Motor Muster @ Henry Ford Museum

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Every year The Henry Ford Museum hosts the Motor Muster  You have a chance to celebrate automotive history from 1933 to 1976 in the streets of Greenfield Village.   Hundreds of classic cars, vintage trucks and bicycles were everywhere you looked.   Dreamy,simply dreamy.  I forgot my camera.  I still can’t believe it.  Even though these are cell phone images, I just love this one above.  Standing behind the rope we couldn’t tell what type of radio this was, but it was cool.   The owner of this radio did not use the receiver, just the speakers.   It still was cool hearing Big Band music through it.

Here is my youngest son looking adorable in this Vintage Peddle Pusher Car.  He’s a bit large for pedal cars, but he just had to try out the police car and the hot rod in the background.  I couldn’t resist taking this image.

Here is a 1934 Morgan Super Sport and in the background is a 1935 Dodge Brothers Sedan.  The Morgan is a rare and unusual car with its 3 wheel configuration and V-twin engine that is mounted sideways in front of the radiator.  It was very cool to get to see one in person.  There is loads of information on

    To the left is a 1963 Ford T-Bird.  This particular convertible came with the optional fiberglass tonneau cover that was paint matched to the car.  The tonneau cover covered the back seat giving the car a more modern and sportier appearance.  What a beautiful ride!

Can anyone name the color?  Submit a post!

To the right is a beautiful 1967 Buick Wildcat convertible.  This car is black with a black interior accented by tires with red side walls (which is period correct).  This is one LONG car!  What do you think?  15 or 16 feet?

    Gotta love vintage bicycles.  There weren’t as many bicycles as there were cars, but what were there were beautiful.   The Donald Duck bike was cute and whimsical and VERY rare.  All these bicycles were from the 1950’s and looked to be in excellent condition.

We’d love to hear your stories and thoughts on these beauty’s.  Do you have a pedal pusher car story?  Does anyone own one of these featured cars?  Write to us and share.

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