Forever Bound Art


Forever Bound Art Established Fall 2011

Our main goal is to preserve the past.  We believe that items connect us to our heritage and preservation of vital links to our rich history.  We all need to work together and restore the key elements that can be the voice of our past.  Forever Bound Art works to bring knowledge and appreciation of those who are like minded and bring information to all regarding any event or club that supports this movement.  We welcome and encourage any party who loves antiques and the history of our world.  Thank you!

Also Specializing in:

Connecting you to clubs and organizations (clubs please send your information to us)

Custom designed metal and chainmaille type jewelry.  Repurposing of Vintage costume jewelry (ever wanted to wear an old piece again?)

MidWest Antique Sales and Repair;  Vintage Clock, Radio and Amplifier Repair and Sales; Artistic Photography and Art.  Wood refinishing and repair

Estate Consultation.  Buying and Selling antiques/vintage

Head Hunters for Antiques & Vintage pieces.  Antique/Vintage Decor consulting

Please contact us for your next project or search for that perfect antique.  We will help you in your journey of the past.

Forever Bound Art  P.O. Box 276 Haslett, Michigan 48840   a work in progress  &

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Thank you & remember Historic Preservation IS fun!

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