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Little Obessions

In Collecting, Family Heirlooms on August 25, 2012 at 4:21 pm

It feels like an addiction.  The verdict is still out on whether it’s a healthy one or not.  Collecting stuff.   In our case, vintage or antique “stuff”.   Little pieces of memories or precious artifacts keep filling our home.  We weren’t  going to go to any estate sales this weekend, didn’t even check the newspaper.  I am driving to work and there’s that yellow sign showing me the way.  We went, after work that is.

I think there is more than one pull for me on collecting all these antiques.  As I have stated numerous times, I have a strong desire on preserving the past.  Telling their story, but also discovering it.  I let all these trinkets that come into our home “call” to me.  I pick something up and I feel.  Yes, feel.  Not like stroking my hands all over it, I’m not that weird.  But, feel.  What story does this have, what story can that tell me.  The Historian in me wants to hear the tale, but I even more strongly want to share it.  I want to be that story-teller, a modern-day folk tale. A gypsy without the lies.  Recently, I landed four boxes of a family’s life.  It feels like their entire life anyway.  Boxes of postcards, letters, pictures, date books, diplomas, newspaper clippings, all that personal paper that you can’t ever get rid of.  I own it now.  Or do I?  I certainly own the parafanaillia, but can I own their story? No, but I can cherish it and maybe even write about it. Mike and I spent hour after hour flipping through paper after paper, picture after picture.  Over a bottle of wine and my grandmother’s dining room table we pieced together how everyone was related based on old cursive hand writing.  We touched newspaper clippings from 1890’s regarding the beginning of prohibition.  I’m still blown away with having newspaper clippings from pre 1900’s.  History all over the place and I have been chosen to give it life once again.

Here lies just one of those reasons why I do what I do.   The breath of life and honoring one’s existence.  Holding hands with those that shaped who we are today.  Continuing to shed light for those who wonder what was.  Strengthening bonds of our foundation.  All of that and more.   Maybe someday I will make lots of money preserving the past, in the meantime I am blissfully happy finding what was.

  1. If you ask me, it’s a wonderful habit. I adore all history, the social most of all. Every little object has its story.

Thank you & remember Historic Preservation IS fun!

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