Forever Bound Art

Imprints from our souls

In Uncategorized on August 8, 2012 at 12:39 pm

The relationship between a mother and a son captured in time.  Adoration and respect from years of caregiving, strength and patience. A father on his eldest daughters wedding day.  He looks toward the camera with pride and longing for a childhood that has long passed.  Adventure and kinship surrounded by wonderment led by dad.  All of these photos have the power to represent an entire life of learning, longing, pride and the continuum of life.  They beg the question of how did we get to where we are now.  We all naturally search for answers to life’s many questions and photographs seem to be a beginning to the ‘why’.  I wonder why we never seem to have the questions when we can actually ask the person we seek answers from.  I can say avoidance, or simply that humans dislike confrontation and emotional moments.  I believe it is because when we are with our role models our eyes are focused on learning and the yearn leads us greater than the why.  It isn’t until later we question why our ancestors did what they did.  No one truly knows why we are here or what we are suppose to teach each other.  Yet, we seek the answers from our elders, our mothers and fathers, aunts, uncles, teachers, prophets and the next door neighbor.  We mourn when we feel that sense of abandonment from our family and friends who have passed.  A grievance of having to learn without them.  Sometimes when I emotionally stumble, I question how I am suppose to go through something without the support from my deceased brother.  I rub my thumb over the photo frame as tears roll down my face.  I can feel our loved ones passed shake their heads and say ‘child, I am never gone from you. Hold your head up high and remember what has been taught.  Smile, love and breath.’  The thumb rubbing stops and I sigh.  All better for now, I received the message.

Photographs have always been our most precious physical possessions.  One hears of a fire that a friend has, we grieve over their lost photographs not the home or the furniture. All else is replaceable, photos that tell us our life stories are not.  I will leave you with this last thought.  Is everything held in a piece of paper of images or are those events and emotions imprinted in our hard drive?  Deep down we all know they are, but I still want my photographs.  I know that I want to see my connections from generation to generation.  Selfishly I want to be able to learn from my ancestors, I want to feel.  Whether privately or publicly, I want to learn from our role models and leaders.  I want to feel.


Thank you & remember Historic Preservation IS fun!

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