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Retirement Day 2012, A New Beginning

In Uncategorized on July 27, 2012 at 11:09 pm

 Here’s Mike after getting home from his last day as a paid police officer (once a cop, always a cop).  He changed out of his uniform and into this Hawaiian shirt.  Lieutenant DeBruin came home after 29 years in the force and I served him a glass of Michigan Cherry wine (we were out of beer) from Tabor Hill Vineyards.  It’s a special vineyard to us in Southwest Michigan because we got married there.  Just one of our many beginnings. So, almost as good as a New Castle or Guinness.

Today was bittersweet  with the ending of such an honorable career.  No more uniforms to be taken to the dry cleaners, no boots to be shined, no badges to be polished, no heavy gun belt, no cop car in the driveway, no radio to talk over (“Charlie 1, where are you?”).  I will mourn packing a lunch in the morning for my amazing husband for whom I am incredibly proud of.  I even took a picture of his backside at 5:30am before he left for work, his last time in uniform.  I can’t help it, his toosh looked incredible in a brown uniform. I always said “Honey, you make brown look good.”  We have gone through many changes since we’ve been together and now retirement adds to the list.

The exciting part, this marks the beginning of OUR career.  We have always been big dreamers, now we can run with them all.   I have never felt so free and unheld by any strings in my entire life!  Michael has been my biggest supporter in anything that I have come up with and now he can join me in my crazy adventures on a full-time basis.  “Here we Gooooo!” Just like Peter Pan said when he took Wendy for her first flight.   I love life.  I love my three children and my husband.  What a good life we lead.

  1. such an endearing portrait of your life, ideals and future plans! totally GO for it! congrats on your husband’s retirement- a giant change for you both- i can’t wait to see the collectibles and new ventures you both come up with. edwina

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