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Barn Preservation – you know they have stories to tell

In Clubs and Networking, Uncategorized on July 23, 2012 at 4:35 pm

Pictures tell a thousand words, and so do barns.  I am sure, like most other people, you have admired the old barns on the country roads as you have taken a leisure day trip.   Barns even loom stories high (or so it seems) near the expressway on your fast pace journey.  I always seem to lose myself in my own thoughts when I catch a glimpse.  I find myself grow silent as I search for a single word or feeling from the past.  Those barns talk to many of us.  I believe that if you truly listen, we all can hear speech from the days of chisels and hand auger drills.  So many of these barns have fallen to the earth and are no more.  Unfortunately, taking history and family pride down with it.  Many communities were brought together under these roofs.  Families celebrated births, weddings, and deaths under tin roofs to round roofs.  To this day, old barns can be rented out for such celebratory occasions.  I guess it is to say that there is a desire to reconnect with our roots.  Without barns, the MidWest would have never survived to the extent that we have.  Our barns have seen harsh weather and births of farm animals (even baby Jesus!).  We’ve cried in barns, we’ve danced in barns. We still pray in barns.   Our barns became and still are our haven, representing the gifts from the earth and above, our bounty.

Thankfully during this day and age of demolition and constant change we have foundations dedicated to preserving our historical landmarks. Many states have organizations with members that are dedicated to saving our rich farm history with our barns.  I encourage you to search the internet and libraries to find such an organization that you can support.  Here is one fantastic website, thanks to the Iowa Barn Foundation for listing these  It lists most of our states societies.  Your local Chamber of Commerce should be able to help in your search as well.   As a Michigander, here is your link  Soft at heart for Ohio

Please join Forever Bound Art in preserving the past.  We look forward to hearing from all of you.   Please feel free to post your clubs and foundations for us to share with others – that’s what we do!  


Thank you & remember Historic Preservation IS fun!

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