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Hello? Can anyone hear me?

In Collecting on July 16, 2012 at 9:59 am


The Telephone Collectors International had quite the display on July 13-14th in Lansing,Michigan.  Log on to their website for member information    These pay phones from the 50’s – 60’s would set you back around $200.  Someday, our household will have one. TRES CHIC!


 My empty wall that NEEDS a vintage pay phone hung on it!  They can be wired so you can answer them, you just can’t dial out.  That is fine with me!  Notice the crock to the bottom left?  That holds all of our phone chargers and keys.  The picture is not vintage.  My youngest son’s water color painting of an apple from Kindergarten hangs in a floating frame.  We love to mix antiques with all of our new and personal items when we decorate.

  1. and it’s terrific, thank you…but it is crying out for a vintage pay phone….and i like your comment about mixing old with new- that’s what australian interior designers are all talking about at the moment. you’ve totally got that right! edwina

  2. i’d love one of those phones! no, i’d like them all – they would look fantastic displayed against a coloured wall.

    • That’s exactly what I thought. I have a colored wall that is screaming one in the kitchen. I will take a picture and insert it into the post. Then you can sigh and imagine a black phone there with me. 🙂 I believe there is another one of these conventions this year in our state, I might have to save for it! Thanks for commenting! I love talking to friends who love old stuff!

    • I added a picture of our kitchen wall onto the blog just for you! 🙂 Laurie

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