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Retirement Day 2012, A New Beginning

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 Here’s Mike after getting home from his last day as a paid police officer (once a cop, always a cop).  He changed out of his uniform and into this Hawaiian shirt.  Lieutenant DeBruin came home after 29 years in the force and I served him a glass of Michigan Cherry wine (we were out of beer) from Tabor Hill Vineyards.  It’s a special vineyard to us in Southwest Michigan because we got married there.  Just one of our many beginnings. So, almost as good as a New Castle or Guinness.

Today was bittersweet  with the ending of such an honorable career.  No more uniforms to be taken to the dry cleaners, no boots to be shined, no badges to be polished, no heavy gun belt, no cop car in the driveway, no radio to talk over (“Charlie 1, where are you?”).  I will mourn packing a lunch in the morning for my amazing husband for whom I am incredibly proud of.  I even took a picture of his backside at 5:30am before he left for work, his last time in uniform.  I can’t help it, his toosh looked incredible in a brown uniform. I always said “Honey, you make brown look good.”  We have gone through many changes since we’ve been together and now retirement adds to the list.

The exciting part, this marks the beginning of OUR career.  We have always been big dreamers, now we can run with them all.   I have never felt so free and unheld by any strings in my entire life!  Michael has been my biggest supporter in anything that I have come up with and now he can join me in my crazy adventures on a full-time basis.  “Here we Gooooo!” Just like Peter Pan said when he took Wendy for her first flight.   I love life.  I love my three children and my husband.  What a good life we lead.

Barn Preservation – you know they have stories to tell

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Pictures tell a thousand words, and so do barns.  I am sure, like most other people, you have admired the old barns on the country roads as you have taken a leisure day trip.   Barns even loom stories high (or so it seems) near the expressway on your fast pace journey.  I always seem to lose myself in my own thoughts when I catch a glimpse.  I find myself grow silent as I search for a single word or feeling from the past.  Those barns talk to many of us.  I believe that if you truly listen, we all can hear speech from the days of chisels and hand auger drills.  So many of these barns have fallen to the earth and are no more.  Unfortunately, taking history and family pride down with it.  Many communities were brought together under these roofs.  Families celebrated births, weddings, and deaths under tin roofs to round roofs.  To this day, old barns can be rented out for such celebratory occasions.  I guess it is to say that there is a desire to reconnect with our roots.  Without barns, the MidWest would have never survived to the extent that we have.  Our barns have seen harsh weather and births of farm animals (even baby Jesus!).  We’ve cried in barns, we’ve danced in barns. We still pray in barns.   Our barns became and still are our haven, representing the gifts from the earth and above, our bounty.

Thankfully during this day and age of demolition and constant change we have foundations dedicated to preserving our historical landmarks. Many states have organizations with members that are dedicated to saving our rich farm history with our barns.  I encourage you to search the internet and libraries to find such an organization that you can support.  Here is one fantastic website, thanks to the Iowa Barn Foundation for listing these  It lists most of our states societies.  Your local Chamber of Commerce should be able to help in your search as well.   As a Michigander, here is your link  Soft at heart for Ohio

Please join Forever Bound Art in preserving the past.  We look forward to hearing from all of you.   Please feel free to post your clubs and foundations for us to share with others – that’s what we do!  

Hello? Can anyone hear me?

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The Telephone Collectors International had quite the display on July 13-14th in Lansing,Michigan.  Log on to their website for member information    These pay phones from the 50’s – 60’s would set you back around $200.  Someday, our household will have one. TRES CHIC!


 My empty wall that NEEDS a vintage pay phone hung on it!  They can be wired so you can answer them, you just can’t dial out.  That is fine with me!  Notice the crock to the bottom left?  That holds all of our phone chargers and keys.  The picture is not vintage.  My youngest son’s water color painting of an apple from Kindergarten hangs in a floating frame.  We love to mix antiques with all of our new and personal items when we decorate.

Womanly finds!

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I love to find sewing items and old patterns.  I just have to have it all.  Found this pattern and hair pins today.  I will do some research and repost. I do known the pins are from 1959. The pattern was bought from J.L.H. Co. 



Swap Meet Heaven for Collectors!

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Have you ever gone to a Swap Meet to find another piece to add to that collection of yours?  There is Swap meets for everything and anything you want!  This weekend in Lansing, Michigan is our EXTRAVAGANZA ’12, Michigan Antique Radio Club’s annual swap meet.  This years theme is Bakelite and Beyond.  (what a fabulous name!)  Don’t miss it!  Beginning Thursday, July 12th, and continuing thru Friday, July 13th and Saturday, July 14th.

“Last year over 1000 attendees from nearly 30 states and a number of foreign countries, as close as Canada and as far as Australia, enjoyed the festivities. Our theme this year will be Bakelite and Beyond.”

This year the Telephone Collectors International will be holding their meeting at the Antique Radio Convention.  (you can find them on Facebook)  Click on the link below to read up on this wonderful world of collecting!  Here is a clip from their ABOUT page :

Telephone Collectors International was incorporated under the laws of the state of Kansas on May 13, 1986. The goal of the organization is “to educate the public, as well as the members of the Corporation, regarding the history of telephony, the value of old telephones and related items, their collectability and preservation; to research telephone history and publish and provide literature thereon; to promote the public exhibition of old telephones and related items; and to promote common courtesies and guidelines for use by the public.”





If you’d like to become a member of your local area Radio club, visit this website

Links of interest for phone collectors

As previously posted by Forever Bound Art, the AMA vintage motorcycle swap meet is a NEVER miss for bike lovers.  It has already passed for this year, but plan a trip sometime.  It’s a trip to motorcycle heaven.


Whatever you collect, there are more of you out there.   Don’t be afraid to proclaim your love for plastic, glass, radios, toys, whatever it may be.  There is a club for EVERYTHING!  Seriously…..

That’s why God gave us the ability to make stuff  🙂

In Lieu of Celebration of Our Almighty Country, Happy Fourth of July America!

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Celebrate America!  Our holiday on the fourth of July has deep meaning for many.  Whatever it means to you and your family, I wanted to share these photos of an amazing event that happens yearly.   Please visit   I highly encourage anyone and EVERYONE to attend this event if possible.  This D-DAY reenactment happens in Conneaut Ohio and “Remarkably, the 250 yard long beach and sloping adjacent terrain closely resemble Omaha Beach in Normandy, France.”   With America constituting citizenship from all over the world, this war impacted many.   Please remember those who have served in our wars everyday, not just on reserved holidays.   God Bless the United States and our neighboring countries.  

Addition to our company!

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We just recieved our DBA for MidWest Antique Sales and Repair! Thank you for continuous support for Forever Bound Art, and Now MidWest Antique Sales and Repair!

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