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Ghosts of Radio’s Past

In Radios on June 27, 2012 at 10:04 pm

Duly named since none of these radios work (yet).   Aren’t they gorgeous though?  Three are Montgomery Wards Airlines and the largest one in the picture is a Zenith.   The Airlines did not have any ‘cool’ names back then so I am going to try to describe them.  The little guy farthest to the left is a 1946 Model 64BR-1501A and at the moment doesn’t even have a cord :-(.  Someone clipped the entire thing off!  Easy repair thankfully.  The other Bakelite Airlines have little issues like a loose speaker (which is unusual) and the darn missing cord!  Can someone explain to me WHY you would lop off a cord?  The top Airline is Model 05BR-1525B.  This radio came in your choice of Walnut,Ivory, Red and Green.  Bottom right Ward Airline is Model 14BR-7434B and includes channel selection buttons.  Now, the Zenith is very pretty and is the one out of the bunch that is currently working.  It’s model number is H725 and Chasis number 7G012.   These radios are from the tail end of the Golden Age of Radio where television came into being.  What a big shift around that time from mystery programs to more of a music format.   Incidently, Montgomery Wards Airline Radios were made by various manufacturers and the BR in these model numbers stands for Belmont Radio.

Belmont Radio Corp. (B.R.C.); Chicago, Ill.   (USA)

Michael will work his magic on these radios and they will all be for sale.   If we can part with them!  After all, we are ALL collectors of something.  We’d love to hear from our vintage radio fans!  Tell us your story!


Thank you & remember Historic Preservation IS fun!

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