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Fun Time with Vintage Motorcycles

In Motorcycles on June 15, 2012 at 10:20 pm

Meet our trusty 1972 Honda CB100.   This bike has never failed to start, ever.   (might take a few kicks but seriously, it ALWAYS starts!)   I suppose this is where part of our story emerges.  I met my handsome husband in a garage over vintage motorcycles.  Love at first sight.  Motorcycles, turning a wrench and beer.   Lalalala, we kissed, we got married and here we are.  However, what I can’t skip over is that this marked the beginning of our love for finding old treasures, returning them to their wonder and then selling them for others to enjoy.   We love fixing old bikes in our garage.  We’ve been known to sell a few, and others still take up our parking spaces in there.  My first bike (I’ll have to find a picture sometime!)  was a Honda 1972 CB350F.   I really love it.  However, it would be nice to have a new bike  that was really reliable and travel worthy.  Any of you that own vintage bikes know what I mean.   You’d think that we are only Honda supporters however, we have two Ducatis as well.  There is a total of six vintage motorcycles in our garage.  I grin as I say that because only one is for sale.   I found a 1966 Honda CB160 in an estate sale.  That bike has had quite the journey with us (and before us).  We’ve taken it to Mid Ohio Vintage Swap meet  and it was the talk of the weekend.   Why?  Because it’s old, it’s cool, and someone tried to turn this baby into a Scrambler.   So the artist in me had to do something.  (don’t worry motorcycle lovers, I didn’t get out paint brushes or glitter)  I felt bad for this beast because she was beautiful in her day and FAST.   So I named her No Justice.  The photographer in me went to work.  I had Mike haul her out in the winter and took some great shots.   These pictures are now on canvas and I am going to send them off to a gallery.   Well, one is in our bedroom.  Yes gentleman, this lady has a motorcycle picture blown up to a 16×20 canvas print near the bed.   I’m awesome like that.   This image below is not of my work but it’s her.  If you are interested in seeing No Justice I will send you via email a watermark image.  We would love to hear some comments on the misses.  She’s had it rough but has loads of potential to anyone who wants to restore it!   I just might have to have another entry just on her.   Hail Vintage Motorcycle Restorers!     


Thank you & remember Historic Preservation IS fun!

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