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All of you Radio Tinkerers, please read this fantastic and absolutely beautiful poem about Radio Repair. I think I teared up! Long live poetry, the arts, and the joy of tinkering!  Love, Forever Bound Art

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While the girls were hanging out in Golden Gai last night, I was picked up by William Elliott and Kazui Kawamura, the English translators of the poet Shuntaro Tanikawa and taken to an undisclosed location to meet the poet himself. I had met Tanikawa in Copenhagen 10 years ago and immediately liked him and his poetry (think Walt Whitman meets Ron Padgett, in Japanese). We had an interesting conversation about poetry, buddhism, empty space, and old radios. Turns out Tanikawa’s great passion is collecting and assembling vintage radios. During the war it was forbidden to listen to foreign radio, but armed with transistors and his soldering iron, Tanikawa was able to tune into Australian and American broadcasts.

He didn’t understand much English and he wasn’t really interested in the content, but he found poetry in the sounds of the distant voices and the atmospheres of far away cities. His favorite…

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Ghosts of Radio’s Past

In Radios on June 27, 2012 at 10:04 pm

Duly named since none of these radios work (yet).   Aren’t they gorgeous though?  Three are Montgomery Wards Airlines and the largest one in the picture is a Zenith.   The Airlines did not have any ‘cool’ names back then so I am going to try to describe them.  The little guy farthest to the left is a 1946 Model 64BR-1501A and at the moment doesn’t even have a cord :-(.  Someone clipped the entire thing off!  Easy repair thankfully.  The other Bakelite Airlines have little issues like a loose speaker (which is unusual) and the darn missing cord!  Can someone explain to me WHY you would lop off a cord?  The top Airline is Model 05BR-1525B.  This radio came in your choice of Walnut,Ivory, Red and Green.  Bottom right Ward Airline is Model 14BR-7434B and includes channel selection buttons.  Now, the Zenith is very pretty and is the one out of the bunch that is currently working.  It’s model number is H725 and Chasis number 7G012.   These radios are from the tail end of the Golden Age of Radio where television came into being.  What a big shift around that time from mystery programs to more of a music format.   Incidently, Montgomery Wards Airline Radios were made by various manufacturers and the BR in these model numbers stands for Belmont Radio.

Belmont Radio Corp. (B.R.C.); Chicago, Ill.   (USA)

Michael will work his magic on these radios and they will all be for sale.   If we can part with them!  After all, we are ALL collectors of something.  We’d love to hear from our vintage radio fans!  Tell us your story!

MORE Shoes!

In Shoes on June 26, 2012 at 1:33 pm

 Can you believe it?  More Shoes!   Now, there just has to be a message here.  My mother called from an estate sale Saturday and wanted to know if I wanted another cast iron shoe form.  I told her that apparently yes, because I had just found another shoe myself at a garage sale!  Two more shoe picks in one afternoon!   Actually, minutes from each other.  This is begging the question here.  Could the mid west of been a leading shoe industry?  Were there more cobblers employed around here?  I can’t wait to see what else I discover.  Now this particular shoe stand does not have any etching or writing on it.  No label to identify its origins.   What is really unique is that the top stem is not square like the others!  It has six sides.  Therefore, all cast iron shoe forms are NOT interchangeable.  Could this be simply different companies, or is an indication of who and where the cobbler was from?   So many questions!  Someone must know these answers.  Send me information.  I will get to the bottom of this 🙂

The other shoe appears to be made of cork or just have cork pieces in the bottom.  It’s very pretty. It’s a 9C size.  This marvelous shoe is labeled “Property of Musebeck Shoe Co”.   Woohoo!  I have something to go on! Take a peak at this link.  In 1927, George Musebeck founded his company and it continues to work hard to produce shoes for us today.  They are located on 803 Westover St, Oconomowoc, WI 53066.    I saved this shoe from continuing to be a candle holder.  I have to get some of that poster gum out from the top whole.  Cute idea though….

Oil Funnel Reinvented

In Reinventing/Recycling on June 25, 2012 at 12:43 pm


My proud picture of my oil funnel planter.  I found this funnel at a yard sale for 50 cents.  Mike thought it was gross and weird of me to want it.   He doesn’t question my artsy brain anymore!  From farm to the DeBruin’s house!  This Oil funnel could have originally been used in a diesel shop or on a farm for putting oil in engines.  I am leaning towards this one coming from a farm since I bought it in the country.  I love it and the flowers don’t seem to mind the old oil residue inside.

Father’s Day Motor Muster @ Henry Ford Museum

In Traveling & Antiques on June 18, 2012 at 12:43 am

Every year The Henry Ford Museum hosts the Motor Muster  You have a chance to celebrate automotive history from 1933 to 1976 in the streets of Greenfield Village.   Hundreds of classic cars, vintage trucks and bicycles were everywhere you looked.   Dreamy,simply dreamy.  I forgot my camera.  I still can’t believe it.  Even though these are cell phone images, I just love this one above.  Standing behind the rope we couldn’t tell what type of radio this was, but it was cool.   The owner of this radio did not use the receiver, just the speakers.   It still was cool hearing Big Band music through it.

Here is my youngest son looking adorable in this Vintage Peddle Pusher Car.  He’s a bit large for pedal cars, but he just had to try out the police car and the hot rod in the background.  I couldn’t resist taking this image.

Here is a 1934 Morgan Super Sport and in the background is a 1935 Dodge Brothers Sedan.  The Morgan is a rare and unusual car with its 3 wheel configuration and V-twin engine that is mounted sideways in front of the radiator.  It was very cool to get to see one in person.  There is loads of information on

    To the left is a 1963 Ford T-Bird.  This particular convertible came with the optional fiberglass tonneau cover that was paint matched to the car.  The tonneau cover covered the back seat giving the car a more modern and sportier appearance.  What a beautiful ride!

Can anyone name the color?  Submit a post!

To the right is a beautiful 1967 Buick Wildcat convertible.  This car is black with a black interior accented by tires with red side walls (which is period correct).  This is one LONG car!  What do you think?  15 or 16 feet?

    Gotta love vintage bicycles.  There weren’t as many bicycles as there were cars, but what were there were beautiful.   The Donald Duck bike was cute and whimsical and VERY rare.  All these bicycles were from the 1950’s and looked to be in excellent condition.

We’d love to hear your stories and thoughts on these beauty’s.  Do you have a pedal pusher car story?  Does anyone own one of these featured cars?  Write to us and share.

For the Love of Antiques. 1950’s School Clock

In Uncategorized on June 16, 2012 at 11:58 pm

We love our 1950’s school clock.  This General Electric Telechron has been refurbished and is happily hanging in our kitchen.   When we first got it, Mike would stand in front of it admiring it for a bit longer then the average person.   He was pretty adorable standing there with his arms folded across his chest with that smile across his face.  I caught him one night when it was bedtime.   He said that he enjoyed listening to it buzz when the house was quite.  Call it sad, but we love our antiques.

Fun Time with Vintage Motorcycles

In Motorcycles on June 15, 2012 at 10:20 pm

Meet our trusty 1972 Honda CB100.   This bike has never failed to start, ever.   (might take a few kicks but seriously, it ALWAYS starts!)   I suppose this is where part of our story emerges.  I met my handsome husband in a garage over vintage motorcycles.  Love at first sight.  Motorcycles, turning a wrench and beer.   Lalalala, we kissed, we got married and here we are.  However, what I can’t skip over is that this marked the beginning of our love for finding old treasures, returning them to their wonder and then selling them for others to enjoy.   We love fixing old bikes in our garage.  We’ve been known to sell a few, and others still take up our parking spaces in there.  My first bike (I’ll have to find a picture sometime!)  was a Honda 1972 CB350F.   I really love it.  However, it would be nice to have a new bike  that was really reliable and travel worthy.  Any of you that own vintage bikes know what I mean.   You’d think that we are only Honda supporters however, we have two Ducatis as well.  There is a total of six vintage motorcycles in our garage.  I grin as I say that because only one is for sale.   I found a 1966 Honda CB160 in an estate sale.  That bike has had quite the journey with us (and before us).  We’ve taken it to Mid Ohio Vintage Swap meet  and it was the talk of the weekend.   Why?  Because it’s old, it’s cool, and someone tried to turn this baby into a Scrambler.   So the artist in me had to do something.  (don’t worry motorcycle lovers, I didn’t get out paint brushes or glitter)  I felt bad for this beast because she was beautiful in her day and FAST.   So I named her No Justice.  The photographer in me went to work.  I had Mike haul her out in the winter and took some great shots.   These pictures are now on canvas and I am going to send them off to a gallery.   Well, one is in our bedroom.  Yes gentleman, this lady has a motorcycle picture blown up to a 16×20 canvas print near the bed.   I’m awesome like that.   This image below is not of my work but it’s her.  If you are interested in seeing No Justice I will send you via email a watermark image.  We would love to hear some comments on the misses.  She’s had it rough but has loads of potential to anyone who wants to restore it!   I just might have to have another entry just on her.   Hail Vintage Motorcycle Restorers!     

Forever Bound Art’s ‘Heavenly’ Jewelry

In Jewelry on June 14, 2012 at 5:23 pm

I thought that it was time to tell you about the jewelry that Mike and I hand make!   Each bracelet and necklaces are completely handmade.  We do not purchase any findings or jump rings.   Each of our pieces have our logo (the heart with a jump ring in it) dangling on a charm near the clasp.  Our jewelry that do not contain stones are polished for many hours before complete.  We custom design the majority of our designs while using some basic chainmaille patterns as inspiration.   We use three types of metals, aluminum, bronze and copper.  The bronze and copper that do not go through the polisher have the opportunity to achieve its own natural patina.  I have been known to have onyx, lapis, peridot, amethyst, agate, shells and other earthly stones in my designs.   Each and every piece comes from the creative side 🙂    There are 3 heavenly attributes to making this jewelry.    Spending time working side by side with my husband, being able to tap into a creative side of myself that continues to amaze me, and seeing our pieces being worn and admired by the public!  Michael and I give many thanks to all of our supporters.   We look forward to creating for you!   p.s.  That is my youngest son in the background.  It truly is a family event.  He is always begging to make jewelry with me.  🙂

Lucky Shoes!

In Shoes on June 13, 2012 at 11:55 am

I have been finding old cobbler’s shoe forms and assorted accessories for shoes lately.   Is it because women love shoes?    In one day, I kept finding pieces here and there.  I took it as a sign and bought them all.   Notice the cast iron BIG BOY stand  in the left?   Those cast iron ‘shoes’ are placed on top and then the shoe making material is placed over that form.   The beginning of mass production of shoes in various sizes!   I am wondering if BIG BOY is the same company who made pot belly stoves?  Can anyone tell me?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.
My favorite piece is the blue children’s shoe stretcher.   Gotta keep those shoes for a long time you know?!   Mom would place those stretchers inside the shoe and let it stretch the material just a bit more.  (don’t grow child!)     This collection is really timeless and quite beautiful in my opinion.   Let us know if you want a closer picture of any of our shoes.

So many exciting things happening with us!

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So many exciting things to report, where do I begin?  I’ve been in LA and have come back fresh with ideas, contacts and lots of interest in our jewelry.   I took lots of pictures and am looking forward to getting those printed.   My inspirations were endless.   My friend Mary Ann Williams from  was my gracious host and the best possible entertainment in this journey!   Thank you LA for a fabulous business opportunity!   I will be posting some thoughts and findings from my journey in the antique world there.   I did see a difference between West coast antiques and MidWest antiques!   (and I took pictures!)

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