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1940 Wards Airline Phonograph Combination Radio

In Radios on May 11, 2012 at 2:18 am

                                   Mike is looking forward to restoring this vintage beauty!  Hopefully, he won’t shock himself!  This 1940 Wards Airline Phonograph Combination Radio has push button tuning and automatic record changer.  Very Posh for its time!  The turntable is single speed (78 rpm) and capable of playing 10 and 12″ records.  This Pre-War phonograph does not have a steel needle, that aught to be fun finding that!  Notice the little pieces of paper in the picture of the radio?  Those are ‘extra’ station call letters.  You would set your station button and them label them with these identification tabs.  Tres` cool!  Now, my favorite picture (that is, other than my cutie husband!) is of the Airline Aerial Antenna.  Now that’s some cool innards!   The manual says under the alignment procedure that we better “Allow Chassis and Signal Generator to “HEAT UP” for several minutes”.  🙂   This project will definitely be FUN!   We will post pictures of the restoration process and leave information when it is ready to find its new owner.   Anyone interested?  Let us know if this 1940 Airline is yours!

Hello world!

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Hello Friends!  This is the beginning documentation of our journey with Forever Bound Art.  My name is Laurie Ann DeBruin and my husband Michael and I are owners, creative designers ( I must say!), antiquers looking for the find of the century, and refurbishers of those antiquities that totally deserve the love.   I have dreamed of opening my own business since a young child.  The dreams have been never ending and will continue to be our guide through this amazing journey.

Please stay tuned as this artist figures out all the technical stuff here.

I am currently working on a webpage that will highlight our custom made and designed jewelry for sale.   I will also post pictures of Michael working on all the awesome furniture that we have here.  The story of this business is truly beautiful beginning with our marriage in 2009.  I can’t wait to be able to share all of it with you!  Let our story be an inspiration to you all!   Thanks for reading!

Michael and Laurie Ann DeBruin

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